Saturday January 1st 2014

Emily and I travelled to Harrogate on Friday before staying overnight at a very comfortable local hotel.  After a day of therapeutic shopping on Saturday we were well rested and looking forward to our invited sitting with the Rainbow Circle that evening.  I'd first heard about the Rainbow Circle several years ago, and when Emily mentioned them to me again more recently we finally arranged a date to sit with the group.

And so it came to pass, that Emily and I arrived at the terraced house in the quiet street, where amazing things were about to happen. We'd arrived early, as invited, and received a warm welcome from Kath and Terry, which became extended as other regular sitters arrived.  The little house was bursting with love, which sounds cheesy but it is in fact the only appropriate description for the energy felt within it.  As the coal fire crackled and the well known face of Chief Red Cloud looked over us the nine people present chatted together like long lost friends 

When we'd settled in, Emily and I were invited to inspect the séance room before the séance began, which we did...and then, following the routine searches, all sitters entered the room and took their seats around a small table which was placed centrally in the room.  The room was comfortably snug, with sitters hands upon the table touching each other if laid flat upon the surface.  In fact most sitters simply rested their finger tips lightly on the table top.  Another small table was placed in the corner of the room behind my chair.  The door was locked and sealed, the music played, and the light was extinguished.  Almost immediately the central table began to tilt and turn...and then it began to rock with some strength, with the legs tapping in response to Terry's speaking of the alphabet.  In this manner spelled communication became effected.  The first spirit communicator offered his name as Red Cloud, and he welcomed everyone to the séance, with a particular welcome being offered to Emily and myself.  I was just getting into the swing of this when the table behinds me lifted and landed on my shoulder before rolling forward and positioning itself on top of the central one!  Both tables then together lifted towards the ceiling before swinging to tilt horizontally!  At this point my eyebrows rose, and I have to say that they haven't quite yet returned to their usual position. I am therefore have a slightly surprised expression on my face that strangers may find disconcerting!

I am finding it difficult to describe all that I witnessed during this séance. Although I have a copy of the audio CD recorded within the séance, it is impossible to appropriately describe all that was demonstrated.  The table, or tables, turned and lifted themselves.  This must be difficult to outsiders to accept but it is nevertheless an undeniable fact.  Several times one or the other of the table sat on my lap, or balanced themselves on top of my head.  One table, with the red light on, was clearly seen to follow Terry as he moved in the room.  Twice the table laid itself horizontally across my shoulders with my head between its legs!  It later repeated this same action with Kath...that time seen in red light.  Several times I felt firm man-sized hands upon my arm, head and shoulder.  Kath, who is certainly not of robust masculine frame, and her grandson Tom who is a slim lad, were on either side of me and either has large strong male hands.  I felt small child-sized hands on my arms also, yet there were no children present (in physical form).  I also saw blurry hand-shapes within the dim light as objects (toys were offered for the spirit children to play with) became moved.  A skipping rope (with glo-tabs stuck to it) became spun like a Catherine wheel within the room.  A drum was rapped.  I was handed a drum stick (by a spirit hand) and for awhile I hit the drum whilst spirit continued to rap it with me...before a hand tugged the stick and played a 'tug-o-war' game with me. 

The spelled communication was rapidly effected through the table, with various different communicators offering their names.  Amongst this communication I received personal validation of a spirit communicator who is known to me but not known by anyone else present aside from Emily.  Not that this evidence was needed, for it was obvious that spirit were effecting the phenomena that was demonstrated...there was no alternative explanation possible. 

I now have seven years experience as a supporter of developing physical mediums and have hosted over a thousand séances.  I remain necessarily critical of presented phenomena, but when it's the real thing I cannot possibly deny it and must celebrate it with the enthusiasm it deserves.  This form of mediumship is mind blowing...but it is a fact of life, not a mystery that should be feared.  You don't need faith to believe it...the evidence is there to be experienced by anyone who reaches out for it.

I would like to thank the Rainbow Circle for inviting me to sit with them...this experience will never be forgotten.

Chris Di Nucci

Emily's report of her experience:

When sitting to write this report about my evening sitting with the Rainbow Circle I honestly don’t know where to begin!  It is seriously difficult to describe in words. Incredible, amazing and fantastic are probably the closest!  I would also like to add that it is a very personal experience, as in you really have to be there to see it yourself to truly understand how breathtaking it is. 
As the evenings sitting was opened the table immediately sprang to life with so much oomph and personality it was clear we were all about to share a lively evening together.  I have personally never experienced any form of table tilting and so I was fascinated (and totally hooked!) the moment it moved!  Red Cloud came forward first and using the communication alphabet system that Terry and Kath have been using for years, he kindly welcomed us all.  There were a number of communicators throughout the evening all using this method and it was surprising to see that all the communicators felt different within their control of the felt like it had real personality! The second table was also flown in over Chris’s head and laid on top of the main one, they both levitated then tilted in the air on their side and didn’t even come unstuck!
One communicator introduced herself as Betsy, and Terry asked if she had come through for anyone, as he said it the table literally jumped up on my lap and pressed into me as if to give me a hug – really sweet!  Betsy said that she worked in the Lodge Circle with us and asked for a tambourine to play with.  The following day Terry and Kath were very kind to provide Betsy and the L odge children with a gift of a tambourine, with love from the Rainbow Circle...thank you again for this! 
What happened next I will never forget....after the table had left my lap and was back in the centre of the circle and my fingers were placed back on top of the table edge...suddenly from what seemed like underneath one of my fingers a little finger ‘appeared’ and began to tickle the underside of several of my fingers.  I could feel the size and even the fingernail gently scratching me!  Wow!  During the evening I felt ‘hands’ 3 times...each time the size and personality were different and couldn’t have correlated with the hands of any of the sitters!  There was Betsy’s hand, another tiny hand played with the tops of my fingers for a few seconds – I have a young son and I would place the hands smaller than his... and finally a firm and large male hand patted me all the way up my complete arm and firmly massaged my right shoulder.  What was also interesting about this experience is that the movements were so specific and precise...we were in the pitch black darkness at these points – they didn’t miss a trick and certainly weren’t ‘fumbling around’ to find something or someone, as we all would in the dark like that!  Thinking about it this statement goes for all the clever activity witnessed – everything was focused and all sitters knew that Red Cloud and the rest of the Rainbow Circle spirit team were in complete control of all the demonstrations.
Spirit children Luke and Pretty Lucy had great fun showing us how they played with their toys; 3 trumpets moved around the circle and the room at the same time!...musical instruments were played...a wooden skipping rope was spun around so fast the luminous tabs looked like a catherine wheel...a kite was flown around (you could feel the breeze carrying it) and tied up with sitters and a punch balloon was played with – as the balloon was bounced back and forth you could even begin to see the small ‘hands’ forming within the glow of the luminous tabs.
Unfortunately, the séance came to a close far too quickly...such an amazing evening!  Thank you to Kath and  Terry and the Rainbow Circle for letting us share such a special was one that I will never forget!!


Hi glad to hear that you both arrived home safely.  Thank you for
forwarding regards from Jean and Ron, we really need to get in touch
with them and say Hi.  Tell Betsy the tambourine was sent with lots of
Love, we hope they have as much fun with it as we did.  So sorry that
I missed the healing this morning, Kath is over the moon, so much Love
and energy.  We will stay in contact, you have not seen the last of
us.  We really enjoyed your company, yesterday evening and this
morning. I will do a transcript of our sitting over next few days and
will forward you and Chris a copy.  Speak to you soon.  Love and
blessings, Kath & Terry x






Rainbow Circle:   Kath Nelso. Terry Nelson. Thomas Nelson. Pam Allinson. Teresa Tuohy. Mike Ganle.  Joyan Ganley

Guests:  Christine and Emily

The Séance room was checked by Christine and Emily before sitting commenced.

All sitters (including Rainbow Circle) were individually searched prior to entering séance room for sitting to commence.

Pre-Séance Briefing 6:45pm.

Sitting commenced at 7:15pm.

Circle opened with a prayer by Christine Di Nucci.

[For the rest of this transcript we can assume that whenever a question is asked of Spirit, or an answer is given from Spirit, it is by way of the tilting of the table along with the alphabet by Terry.  This method of communicating between The Rainbow Circle and the Spirit World has, over the years, developed into a very quick and efficient way of conversing between the two worlds.

It may also seem, from reading this transcript, that we are always trying to put words in Spirit’s mouths by finishing words for them, but this is not the case.  After many years of working with Spirit in this way, we have developed a system whereby if we think we know what the word is they are trying to spell, then we shout it out to save energy on the table.  If the word we give is incorrect, then they continue to spell, if the word is right, we save a lot of time and energy.]

Within seconds of Christine starting the opening prayer the table came to life, rocking to and fro, then, “Hello darling.” said Christine as the table launched itself up onto her lap.  From then on all we could hear was laughter from Christine as she tried to finish the prayer.

“Is it (the table) on you?” said Emily to Christine.  Christine, laughing as she spoke, said “Ok, thank you, I can’t remember the rest, thank you, Amen.”  [laughter from sitters]

Seconds later, the table was back in the centre of the circle.  “Oh wow!” said Emily.  “Fingers on the table.” said Kath.  [All sitters then put their fingers on the outer edge of the table]

“Good evening, God bless.” said Terry as the table moved beneath his fingers.  Terry continued “May I have your name please?” [the table responded with a ‘yes’] “I’ll do the alphabet.” said Terry.

Terry then raced through the alphabet, trying to keep up with the table that was rapidly tapping on the floor.  “Red Cloud?” asked Terry as the table stopped at the letter ‘R’.  “Yes.” said Red Cloud.  “Good evening, welcome.” said various sitters.  Seconds later the table was up in the air again - “It’s on my knee, now it‘s on my tummy, thank you very much.” said Emily.  [laughter] 

The table then positioned itself back in the centre of the circle.  “Do you wish to say something Red Cloud?” asked Terry.  “Yes, welcome everybody, what great energies.” said Red Cloud.  [at this point the table levitated up off the floor by about fifteen to twenty inches]  “Wow, feel the strength in that!”  said Mike as the table pulled our hands up as it levitated.  Mike continued “My goodness me.”  “Incredible, oh my goodness!” said Emily.  “Well done Red Cloud.” said several sitters.

The table then motioned laughter (by moving from side to side rapidly).  “He (Red Cloud) is laughing now.” said Terry.  “Incredible.” said Emily once more.  [laughter]

“Do you wish to say something else Red Cloud?” asked Terry.  “No.” said Red Cloud.  “Are you leaving us now?” asked Terry.  “Yes.” said Red Cloud.  “Thank you very much.” said sitters.  “That’s amazing!” said Emily.

“Do we have a new communicator please?” asked Terry.  “Yes.” came the reply from the table.  “Good evening, God Bless, can I have your name please?” asked Terry.  [the table then went through the alphabet, stopping at the letter ‘D’]  “Dick?” asked Terry.

[Dick is Kath’s dad and he has been in the Spirit World since 1976.  He has been with the Rainbow circle since day one in 1998, and he always follows Red Cloud at beginning of sitting]

“Yes.” said Dick.  “Hello.” said sitters.  [the table then quickly moved across to one or two sitters as if to welcome them, and then moved back to the centre of the circle]  At this point a noise was heard behind Christine and Kath - “The other (spare) table is moving by the sound of it.” said Terry.

[seconds later, by Spirit energy alone, the spare table was brought in from behind Kath and Christine and placed upside-down on top of the circle table]  “Watch your fingers folks.” said Terry as the spare table came to rest.  “Hello.” said Christine.  “Do you wish to say something?” asked Terry as the two tables gently nudged him.  “Yes.” said Dick.  Dick then said “Christine, I am glad that you and Emily came.”  “Oh, thank you very much.” said Emily.  Dick then started to say “I have been to…”  “To their’s (Christine and Emily’s)?” asked Kath.  “Yes.” said Dick.  “Have you been checking them out Dick?” asked Terry jokingly.  “Yes.” said Dick.  [laughter]  “Lovely, good, you’re very welcome.” said Christine.  [at this point, both tables lifted up off the floor - 9.5 kilos total weight]  “He (Dick) is doing a ninety degree tilt by the look of it.” said Terry as the tables began to tilt over.  “Without moving apart, that is really clever.” said Christine.  “Awesome!” said Emily.

Seconds later, the top table began to slide away from the bottom one.  “It’s on my lap now (the top table).” said Christine.  Within seconds, both tables were seated side by side in the centre of the circle.  The table nearest Emily then began to communicate - “I on this.”  “This table?” asked Kath.

“Yes.” said Dick.  “Well who is on the other one then?” asked Kath.  [laughter]  “This is a first - (two communicators on two separate tables at one time).” said Terry.  At this point the table nearest to Christine communicated the letters ‘F.C.’. [laughter from Christine]  “That is fantastic if it was FC.” said Emily.  “Do you know who it is?” asked Terry.  “Yes.” said Christine.”  “That’s ok then.” said Terry.  “My guide, I call Fuzzy Critter.” said Christine.  “Oh well done!” said Terry.  [laughter from sitters]  “Can we have a picture please, because we have never had two (tables) like this before?” asked Kath.  “Yes.” came the reply.  “Can I have the red light torch on?” asked Terry.  “Yes.” came the reply.  [as Terry put the torch on, both tables began to move, knocking each other as they did - all the time the torch was on and during the photo being taken, both tables continued to knock each other]  “Just the one photo?” asked Terry.  “Yes.” came the reply.  [after taking the photo Terry turned the torch off again - within seconds the spare table was up and moving out of the circle between two sitters and back to where it originated from, behind Christine and Kath - it continued to shuffle around for a couple of seconds then came to a standstill] 

“Do you wish to say something Dick?” asked Terry.  “Yes.” said Dick (through circle table).  Dick then spelt out the letter ‘T’.  “Trumpet?” asked Terry.  “Yes.” said Dick.  “The plastic one?” asked Terry.  “No.” said Dick.  “The card (made of) one?” asked Terry.  “Yes.” said Dick.  “Just one?” asked Terry.  “No.” said Dick.  “All three?” asked Terry.  “Yes.” said Dick.  [Terry then asked Tom for the red light torch so that he could find the requested trumpets situated somewhere behind him - as Terry put the torch on the table began to rock rapidly from side to side.  It was still rocking rapidly as Terry placed the three trumpets on it’s surface - then it stopped instantly so as not to throw the trumpets off]  “Lights out, all yours Dick.” said Terry as he turned the torch off.

“I can see a hand.” said Kath as the trumpets began to move.  “I saw that.” said Emily.  Seconds later - “Oh my goodness!” said Emily.  “I agree.” said Christine.  “Wow!” said Mike as a trumpet began to rise up above the table.  “Oh my goodness.” said Emily again as the trumpet went from sitter to sitter, tapping first a head, and then a hand.  “Oh look, the other one is moving now.” said Emily as a second trumpet began to move.  [we now had two trumpets up in the air - sitters were laughing as their heads were tapped lightly by the trumpets]

“Oh, the other one is moving now, look.” said Emily as the third trumpet began to rise upward.

[the excitement began to rise amongst the sitters as we now had all three trumpets up in the air dancing around our heads and bodies]  “It’s amazing isn’t it.” said Mike.  [one trumpet then began to create a circle of light from its luminous tabs as it spun round and round then up and down]

“Fantastic!” said Mike.  [it was truly amazing to sit in the darkness and see these trumpets dancing around with their luminous tabs creating a wonderful light show.  The excitement grew and grew as one trumpet began to move from sitter to sitter, going right up to their faces without actually touching them, and then darting on to the next sitter to do the same]

“It’s so clever.” said Emily.  [seconds later Dick threw one trumpet out of the circle]  Then - “Look, he (Dick) is putting one trumpet inside the other.” said Terry as two trumpets merged into one.  “I can see a hand again.” said Kath. [we often see Spirit hands as they cross the path of the luminous tabs in the darkness]

We now have one long trumpet, made up of two smaller ones twirling round above our heads.  “Are you touching me?” says Christine to Kath.  “No, no.” says Kath.  “Well, there is a hand touching me, patting me properly.” says Christine.  “You’ll find it is a very hot hand as well.” said Kath.  “Yes, very well done.” said Christine.  Mike then said “Is that your hand Terry?”  “No, I’m not touching you Mike.” said Terry.  “Oh, well, a hand is touching me.” said Mike.  [At this point many sitters began to hum along to a tune that was playing on the background CD, at the same time Dick waved the trumpet like a baton in tune with their humming] [lots of laughter from sitters]

“He (Dick) is conducting to the music.” said Emily.  Then “Oh, he’s touching me, it’s a hand.” said Christine.  “My hand is there.” says Kath so that Christine knows that it is not Kath touching her.  “No, what is touching me is more solid than that.” says Christine.  [we then heard a ‘tap tap’ sound as Dick patted sitters with the trumpet]  “Yeh!” says Christine.  [laughter]  “Well done.” says Mike as Dick continues with his trumpet display.  “It’s brilliant isn’t it?” says Emily.  “Yes.” says Christine. 

Moments later Dick nudges Terry with the table.  “Do you wish to say something Dick?” asks Terry.  “Yes, enjoy.” said Dick.  “Does that mean that you are going?” said Kath.  “Yes.” said Dick.  We were disappointed that Dick was leaving us, but said ‘God Bless’ and then Dick left the table.

“Do we have a new communicator please?” asks Terry.  “Yes.” came the reply.  “Would you like me to do the alphabet (for a name)?” asks Terry.  “Yes.” came the reply.  The table then spelt out the name ‘Betsy’.  [Betsy was not known to the Rainbow Circle, and normally when we get a new communicator not known to us we ask them if they have come to see someone in particular in the circle, and if so, would they like to take the table to that person]  Before Terry could ask the question, the table was up on Emily’s knee - “Oh, its me, she (Betsy) is on me.  Hello Betsy, thank you.” said Emily.  Emily continued “Aww she’s giving me a hug.”  [Emily was then asked if she knew Betsy]  “I think she is one of the children (from Bristol Spirit Lodge).” said Christine.  [the table confirmed this with one tap for ‘yes’]  “Oh thank you.” said Emily.  “Do you wish to say something Betsy?” asked Terry.  “Yes, I love coming to you (Emily).” said Betsy.  “Oh, ever so cute, thank you.” said Emily.  Betsy then said “Can I have a tambourine?”  “Do you want a big one (tambourine)?” asked Terry thinking that Betsy wanted one off the toy table.  “No Terry, she has more to say, she is nudging with the table.” said Kath.  Betsy then said “At my circle.”  [Betsy was actually asking for a tambourine to be introduced into her own circle with Christine and Emily]  “Oh, yes.” said Emily.  “Hello darling, yes of course (you can have one).” said Christine.

“So would you like one to play with here?” asked Kath.  “Yes.” said Betsy.  “Would you like the big one?” asked Terry.  “No, both (big and small ones).” said Betsy.  [Terry then stood up to turn around and find the tambourines that Betsy had requested from the toy table behind him, and as he walked over to the toy table he turned around to find that Betsy had followed him with the circle table] [laughter]  The circle table was virtually side by side with Terry at the toy table - “I’ll just have a look at that lot while I’m here.” said Terry jokingly of Betsy, as it looked as if Betsy was checking out all the toys.  [laughter]  Moments later Betsy moved the circle table back to its original position within the circle.

“There you are darling, there is two for you.” said Terry as he lay the big and small tambourines on the circle table.  [within seconds Betsy had picked up a tambourine and was shaking it wildly in the air]  This went on for a few seconds, then Christine said “Thank you, that was my head, I have ringing in my ears now.  Thank you so much, I have a crown on my head.”  [laughter]  [Betsy had obviously placed a tambourine on Christine’s head]  We could then hear the other tambourine rattling as Betsy picked it up - “Hello, it’s going up my arm.” said Emily as the dimly lit tambourine was seen moving over to her in the darkness.  Then, “Oh my goodness!  Wow!  Her (Betsy’s) little fingers are playing with my fingers, she’s tickling my fingers underneath.  Oh my goodness, that’s awesome.” said Emily.  [laughter] [again the tambourine started to shake wildly]  Seconds later Betsy threw the tambourine down, and at the same time began to move the table slightly - “Do you wish to say something?” asked Terry.  “Yes.” said Betsy.  Betsy then spelt out ‘Clac…’  “Clackers (castanets)?” asked Terry.  “Yes.” said Betsy.  “You’re on a roll aren’t you?” said Kath jokingly. [laughter]  [the table then began to rock from side to side as if excited by the laughter, and it continued to rock as Terry put on the red light torch to find the castanets] 

“This is amazing!” said Christine and Emily as the table rocked and rocked in the red light.  As Terry placed the castanets on the table it stopped rocking.  Within seconds of Terry pulling his hands away from the table, Betsy picked up the castanets and began clacking them just above the table.  She then took them over to Emily (still clacking) and then over to Christine (still clacking as they moved across the table).  Betsy then moved across to Kath - “She’s got my nose (with the castanets)!” said Kath. [laughter]   Betsy then took the castanets over to Joyan, who said “She has clicked my fingers, and now she has pulled me over the table.” [Betsy had actually pulled Joyan’s hand out and placed it on the table]  “I will leave it there (on the table).” said Joyan.  [at this point the castanets were up in the air, clacking louder and faster than before]  Then, somehow, Betsy started to spin one of the castanets in a clockwise fashion - we could see a wheel of light from the luminous tab on the castanet as it spun.  Then, for a few seconds more, Betsy clacked even louder and faster, reaching a crescendo before stopping abruptly and dropping the castanets to the floor.

In an instant Betsy was back at the table, and Terry, realizing that Betsy was communicating, began to do the alphabet - Betsy said “That is the energies you have.”  “Oh thank you, she is on my knee, now she is on my lap.” said Emily as the table launched itself onto her.  “Now she is pushing me backwards (with table), oh thank you.” said Emily.  Emily then went on to describe that the table was sliding down her leg, and then it was ‘juggling on her tummy’ (Emily’s words).  Moments later the table moved across the circle to Christine, and then Christine began to describe what the table was doing - “It’s sort of rolling all over me, now I’m inside it (the table).” said Christine as the table had obviously gone over her head and dropped down her body, with the gap in the legs of the table over her upper body.  [laughter]  “Brilliant, it’s brilliant!” said Emily.  “Oh, you’re so sweet, aren’t you just.” said Christine to Betsy.  “Can we film this?” asked Kath.  “Ok, many people would like this I am sure.” said Christine.  [laughter]

“I’ve just got my hands balanced on the edge of the table (for energy).” said Kath.  “Can you smile, you are on film now.” said Mike to Christine as Tom began to film her inside the table with the red light torch on. [at the same time, Terry took photos with the normal flash camera, lighting the room up as he did so]  There was much laughter from Christine and other sitters as the table manoeuvred itself around and about her upper body.  [this went on for quite a while - all the time the red light torch was on so that sitters could witness what was occurring]  “Are you alright in there Christine?” asked Kath.  Christine just continued to laugh, and certainly looked as if she was enjoying the experience.  [Christine then commented on the fact that she could feel a personality from within the table]  “Beautiful!” said Christine.  Moments later the table became lifeless - this is usually a sign that the red light is beginning to affect the energies.  “Do you want the light off?” asked Terry.  There was a slight twitch from the table signifying ‘yes’.  [Tom then turned off the camcorder and torch putting us back into darkness]  Within seconds the table had lifted itself away from Christine and placed itself back in the centre of the circle.

“Do you wish to say something?” asked Terry.  “Yes.” said Betsy (through table).  Betsy then spelt out the letter ‘B’.  “Is that ‘Bye’?” asked Terry.  “Yes.” said Betsy.  “Bye.” said sitters.  “Bye Betsy.” said Emily.  “Don’t forget to come again.” said Kath.  “Yes, see you soon.” said Christine.

“That’s amazing.” said Emily as Betsy left the table.

“Do we have a new communicator please?” asked Terry.  [the table responded with one tap for ‘yes’]  “May I have your name please?” asked Terry.  The table then went through the alphabet, spelling ‘harol…’  “Is it Harold?” asked Terry.  “Yes.” came the reply.  “That’s a new one on me.” said Kath (meaning that the name Harold was new to Rainbow Circle).  “Good evening, God Bless.” said Terry.  Terry then asked “ Have you come to see someone in particular in the circle please?”  “Yes.” said Harold.  “Would you like to go to that person please?” asked Terry.  “Ok, on my lap.” said Christine as the table jumped up on her lap.  [laughter]  “Harold?  I don’t immediately know you.” said Christine.  “Aww.” said Emily as the table jumped back off Christine’s lap and back into the centre of the circle.  “But I like you anyway.” said Christine.  “I’ll do the alphabet.” said Terry as the table slightly nudged him.   “Seek and you will find.” said Harold to Christine.  “Yes, I will look for you, I will look for you, I promise.” said Christine.  With this the table began to rock excitedly for a few moments, then it jumped up onto Emily’s lap.  “Hello Harold, I got a hug.” said Emily as the table moved back to the centre of the circle, continuing to rock to and fro.

Moments later the table’s rocking became more pronounced as the legs rose higher and the table tilted further every time it rocked.  “They’re building the energy for something.” said Kath. [moments later the table ceased all activity]  “Do you wish to say something?” asked Terry.  “Yes.” said Harold.  Harold then spelt out the letters ‘D.R‘.  “Is that ‘drum’ please?” asked Terry.  “Yes.” said Harold.  [we have three drums to choose from, but after asking two more questions we were able to ascertain that Harold wanted the big shamanic drum and the beater]

“Watch your fingers when this drum comes in as it is nearly as big as the table-top.” said Kath as Terry stood up to reach for the drum.  “Can you shine the torch for me Tom.” said Terry as it was hard to distinguish the drum from other items on the floor in the darkness.  [as Tom turned on the torch, the table began to rock again - all could see this in the dim red light]  “Watch your fingers folks.” said Terry as he placed the shamanic drum on the table-top.  [the beater was slightly harder to find as Tom had turned the torch off again]  Whilst Terry was picking it up Christine mentioned the fact that the drum was turning round and round on the table.  [Terry then placed the beater on the drum] 

“Do you want me to hold it (the drum)?” asked Christine as the drum was pushed towards her by Harold.  “Ok, it’s in my hand.” said Christine as Harold began to play on the drum with the beater.  “Oh well done!” said Christine as Harold beat the drum loudly.  Christine then joined in with Harold, tapping the drum with (I assume) her hand.  [suddenly the drum was up in the air]  “It’s in front of my face.” said Christine.  [the drum was now levitating in front of Christine’s face - still being beaten by Harold]  ‘da da da da da….da da. was the tune he played.  “Fabulous.” said Mike.

Harold then played another tune on the drum that was known to us. [laughter]  Then, “The table’s levitating again.” said Mike as the table rose up from the floor. [at the same time, the drum was still being beaten in mid-air by Harold]

Christine must have had her hands on the drum, because her next words were “Physically, wow! They are actually…I am holding it and they (Spirit) are tugging it out of my hand.”  Christine continued “And I am holding it again and they are tugging it again, and I got a pat on the shoulder, thank you.”  [laughter]  “Hey, well done.” said Emily as Harold beat the drum again.  “That is brilliant, there is a personality to the tap as well.” said Christine.  [Mike then commented on the fact that the beater was now tapping his fingers]  Emily then said “Oh my goodness, it (the beater) is pulling my arm up in the air, now it’s stroking my arm.  Oh, now I’m standing up…I’m going across the table.  They’re playing on my arm now.  Oh, hello [Emily began to laugh], oh, they’re tickling me.” [there was hysterical laughter from Emily for a couple of seconds as she was being tickled]

Then the drum was beaten a couple of times - Emily then began to describe what was happening - “The beater is tapping my shoulder, I can now feel something behind my ear, now my chin, now they are patting my arm again.  Oh, now my tummy, and now I am sitting down again.”

[we could now hear a hand tapping the drum]  “Well done.” said Emily as the drum was placed at her feet.

Moments later we could hear the table being tapped - “There’s a hand there.” said Mike.  “That will be the beater (tapping table).” said Terry.  “Yes, it is still there (on the table).” said Kath.  “Oh, it’s on me now - it’s going over my hands again.” said Emily as the beater stroked her hand.  [seconds later the beater was pushed into Terry’s hand]

“Have you had enough of that?” asked Terry.  “Yes.” said Harold.  [Terry then moved the beater and drum away from the table]

“Oh they are amazing aren’t they, you guys are so lucky.” said Emily.  [laughter]  Terry then said to Emily “I think what you were being told earlier, is, it is the energy that you (Emily) have.”

At this point, the table nudges Terry - “Do you wish to say something please?” asked Terry.  “Yes.” said Harold.  Terry then did the alphabet and Harold stopped at the letter ‘B’.  “Is that ‘Bye’?” asked Terry.  “Yes.” said Harold.  “Goodbye.” said Circle.  “Thank you, bye.” said Emily.  Emily then said “Incredible, I shan’t sleep tonight.”

[as the table fell quiet various sitters began to ask whether Harold was a child or not]  Suddenly, a noise was heard - “The spare table is on the move behind me.” said Kath.  “Ok, watch your fingers folks.” said Terry as Spirit brought in the spare table.  “I’ve moved mine.” said Kath.

Kath continued “It (the table) is coming in between mine and Teresa’s chairs.”  “Do you see what I mean - how they can get through such small gaps.” said Terry as the spare table approached the circle table.  [seconds later the spare table was on top of the circle table]  “Oh, they’ve put the legs on top of the circle table this time.” said Terry. [normally Spirit put the spare table upside-down on the circle table -  top to top]  “Oh yes.” said Emily.  [the spare table then began to twist around on top of the circle table]  Kath then said “We need a name?”  [our rules are - always get a name of new communicator before communicator can request toys etc - this is a safety rule implemented by Red Cloud so that we always know who is at the table]

“May I have a name please?” asked Terry.  The table immediately began to spell with the table, stopping at the letter ‘L’.  “Is that Luke please?” asked Terry.  “Yes.” said Luke.

The tables then began to rock rapidly -  we could sense Luke’s excitement as the rocking accelerated.  “Hi Luke, welcome.” said Mike.  [seconds later Luke turned the top table over so that it lay safely top to top with the circle table]  “Do you wish to say something?” asked Terry.  “Yes.” said Luke.  Luke then went on to say “Emily, Christine, can I come to yours as well?”  “Aww, that’s lovely, thank you.” said Emily.  “I love Betsy.” said Luke.  [lots of laughter from sitters]  “Luke loves Betsy.” chanted Mike.  [more laughter]

[for the next few moment there was some confusion over Luke - Emily and Christine have a Spirit child called Luke in their own circle, and Christine mistakenly thought that this was their Luke at the table when in fact, it was Rainbow Circle’s Luke - this was clarified by Terry] 

“Oh my God, I have got a table that is going over my head.” said Christine as the top table moved over to her.  “So, you are going to confuse them (Emily and Christine) with two Lukes are you?” said Terry Jokingly. [laughter]  “Well, you know that we don’t mind Luke.” said Kath.  “Yes, whatever, as long as we are playing together.” said Christine. 

Luke then communicated through the table “B.A….”  “Balloons?” asked Terry.  “Yes.” said Luke.  [Terry and Mike then brought in the two large pink balloons that were situated behind them and placed them on the table]  Within seconds Luke was playing with them. [these balloons have elastic bands tied on the end]  “Don’t you dare, if you are going to do that, take it over there.” said Kath jokingly as Luke began to twang the elastic band on one of the balloons near her.  [laughter]  [Luke then began to pat the balloon with his hand, and what I must point out here is, that whenever Spirit play with our balloons they create a kind of static effect from within the balloon -  this then lights up the balloon from inside, and on occasion we can see Spirit hand silhouettes on the outside of the balloon as they pat them - a truly marvellous sight]

“Whose hand is that, is that yours?” asks Christine as she is obviously being touched.  “No, mine is here.” says Kath.  “Ok, thank you, I’ve got an elastic band through my hand with a balloon on the end of it.  Oh, it’s a real hand!” said Christine as Luke had obviously now touched her.  “Angel, you’re beautiful.” said Christine.  Kath then showed Christine the location of her hand so that Christine knew for sure that it was Luke touching her. [all the while Luke was playing with the balloon - patting it, bouncing it and spinning it round]  Mike then commented on the fact that the table was now moving and turning around.  Terry and Emily then described what the second balloon was doing - first on Emily’s lap and then over to Terry to rest on his knee.  Moments later the table nudged Terry - “Do you wish to say something Luke?” asked Terry.  “Yes.” said Luke.

Luke then went on to say “In a minute I want you to stand.”  “All of us?” asked Terry.  Luke continued “Tom, film.”  [again there was some confusion as to what Luke was going to do.  Many sitters were asking questions as to what was required of them -  what was the table going to do etc. Eventually we were able to ascertain that Luke wanted Tom to film whilst he put the table over various sitters heads and place it about their bodies]  We were to stand so that we could keep our hands on the table as it levitated upwards.  [ Terry asked all sitters to make sure that their hands were on the top of the table and not underneath, so as not to invalidate any proof on film that Luke was actually lifting the table]  For the next few minutes the table was doing various manoeuvres before finally resting on Kath’s knee.  [during this time all sitters were getting ready for the levitation on film by feeling in the darkness for the right position on the table] 

Seconds later - “It’s on my head.” said Kath as the table turned upside-down and rested on her head.  “Are we supposed to be filming this?” asked Terry.  “Yes,” said Kath as the table tilted once for ’yes’ on her head.  [Tom then turned on the red light torch and digital camcorder and began to film]

As the light went on we could all see the upturned table on Kath’s head.  Kath explained that she only had two thumbs resting on the table (this we could see).  “There’s a balloon tied to it (the table).” said Pam. [Luke had tied a balloon to the table leg minutes earlier]  As Tom filmed, Luke began to slide the table across from Kath’s head to Christine’s head - this we could see clearly in the dim red light.  “Wow, that’s amazing!” said Emily. [laughter]  Kath then explained that the upturned table was moving round and round on Christine’s head.  “Does he (Luke) want more energy on it (the table)?” asked Terry.  Before Kath could answer, the table slid back off Christine’s head and tilted on its side, at the same time putting the gap between the legs over Kath’s head.

“You’re in it (the table).” said Christine.  “In it to win it.” said Kath jokingly.  [we could all see what was going on in the red light as Kath lifted her arms out of the way to show that she was not moving or holding the table in any way as it did what it did]

The table was now moving down Kath’s body at a ninety degree angle.  Her arms were back by her side, firmly trapped by the table legs.  Luke then began to move Kath forward inside the table.  Kath then asked Teresa to hold on to some part of her as she has a balance problem in a dimly lit room.  We could all see that Kath was in no way influencing the movement of the table as it moved her from side to side then bending her over towards Christine.  “Trust me, I promise you this is not me.” said Kath as she was rocked from side to side inside the table.  “Keep hold of me Teresa whatever you do.” said Kath as the table began to rise with Kath still inside.

Kath was now in a standing position, stooped over, rocking from side to side inside the table.  [sitters began to laugh because it did look quite funny, but at the same time amazing]

Seconds later, the table, with Kath still inside, moved over to Christine.  “Hello.” said Kath to Christine.  “Hello, how are you feeling.” said Christine. [laughter]  Within seconds the table had raised up over Kath’s shoulders and over Christine’s head and down her body - Kath was now free and Christine was now inside the table.

“Ok, ok, I’ve been in here before.” said Christine as she and other sitters laughed.  [some sitters were now trying to touch the table to give it energy, but not to hold it in any way which would invalidate the evidence that was still being filmed by Tom]

“It’s quite impossible, you just put your hands where you can because it is going so fast.” said Terry.

Seconds later the table was up and over Christine’s head and away from her body.  It then turned upside-down and levitated just above sitters knees.

[moments later the table seemed to be re-positioning itself]  Kath began to laugh - “What are you laughing at love?” asked Terry.  “It (the table) is heading in Mike’s direction.” said Kath.  “Hello Luke.” said Mike as the table approached him.  [again Kath emphasised the need to be careful where we placed our hands so as not to look as if we were holding the table up in any way]

“It (the table) is coming for you Mike.” said Kath.  “Yep.” said Mike as the table engulfed him. [Kath then asked Tom to move round slightly with the digital camcorder as the balloon that was tied to the table leg was in the line of vision for filming - Tom moved over and caught Mike‘s happy smiling face on film as he sat there inside the table]  “Happy, happy, happy, happy talk.” sang the sitters.  “Thinking about the things we do.” sang Mike.  [laughter] 

[the table now appeared quite sluggish - not surprising, we had been filming in red light for over four minutes now.  Terry had also, during that time, taken three photos with normal flash - non of which had affected the energies up until now]  “Do you want the light off now?” asked Kath.  “Yes.” said Mike as the table tilted once for ‘yes’ over his body.  [the digital camcorder and red light torch were both turned off after four minutes and ten seconds of filming]  The instant the red light went off Kath asked Mike “Are you still in it (the table)?”  “No, I’m out of it now.” said Mike.

Mike then said “The table is on my knee now, it’s upside-down.  Oh, he (Luke) is banging the balloon now.  Oh, the table is upright again.”

Terry then asked “Do you want to say something?”  “Yes.” said Luke.  Luke then spelt out the letters ‘X.Y..’  “Xylophone?” asked Mike.  “Yes.” said Luke.  [of all the toys that we have - this was the one that was not in the séance room that evening]  “Have we got one?” asked Kath.  [the table then began to shake from side to side, an indication that Luke was laughing]  “You’re laughing because you know that it is not in here aren’t you Luke?” asked Terry.  [laughter from circle]  “What do you want instead?” asked Kath.  “Kite.” said Luke.  [we have a full sized kite that Spirit often play with in the séance room - they often levitate it above the sitters heads whilst flapping it wildly, creating a wind effect as they do so]  Luke continued to spell ‘Bu…’  “Bus?” asked Kath.  “Yes.” said Luke.  [the bus is a tiny four inch yellow American school bus, given to the Rainbow Circle as a gift from an American friend on her visit to us a few years ago - this little bus has a button on its roof and when pressed, lights up the head and tail lights with a red flashing glow]

“Party time!” said Christine as Luke began to rock the table to and fro.  “I’m putting the bus on the table now.” said Terry.  “Where’s the kite?” asked Kath.  “I’m putting it on the table now.” said Tom.  “Put it on top of the bus this time Tom.” said Terry.  “No.” said Luke through the table.  “Oh, you want the bus on top of the kite?” asked Terry.  “Yes.” said Luke.  “Ok.” said Terry.  [Tom then laid the kite flat on the table-top]  “I’m putting the bus on now.” said Terry.  No sooner had Terry put the bus on the kite when Luke flicked the kite up, this in turn flicked the bus up in the air by about 2 inches.  As the bus fell it turned on to its roof, pressing the button on the roof at the same time (not sure if this was Luke’s intention), this in turn started the red lights flashing and a tune playing from the bus.  This lasted for about ten seconds, as soon as it stopped Luke flicked the kite upward again, which in turn flicked the bus up, and again it fell onto its roof and started the flashing lights and tune again.  “Why don’t you just press the button on the roof Luke.” said Terry jokingly.

“Is it more fun this way, with the kite love?” asked Kath.  “Yes.” said Luke.  [laughter]

“The kite is in the air now.” said Mike as the kite rose up above the table and began to flap as if soaring in the wind. 

“Watch your eyes folks, there are some long ribbon trails on this kite.” said Terry.  [the kite has three luminous tabs situated along its body, so we could all see it as it flapped and swayed from side to side above us]  “Wow!” said Christine.  “Fantastic!” said Joyan.  “My goodness!” said Emily as the kite moved across to various sitters, still flapping as it did so.

Moments later, Christine said “There is a hand on me.”  Then Joyan explained that the kite was being tied to her wrist.  [Terry then explained that the kite had ribbon trails on its end and perhaps it was these that Luke was tying to Joyan’s wrist - this was later proved to be the case]  Kath then asked “For the benefit of the tape recording, let us know what is going on.”  Joyan then explained that the hand that was tied to the kite was now being lifted into the air.  Moments later Teresa said “Oh, thank you, I’ve got a new hat.”  “Can we take a picture?” Asked Kath.  “Yes.” said Luke.  [Terry then took a picture as best he could in the dark of Teresa - as the camera flashed, all could see the kite adorning Teresa’s head like a hat]  [laughter]  “Oh, fantastic.” said Emily.

“No wonder they said that we would need a new kite (the previous day).” said Kath as she looked over at the scrunched up kite on Teresa’s head.  “What have they done with it?” asked Terry.  “Haven’t you noticed it?” asked Kath.  “No, I was taking the picture.” said Terry. [Kath then asked if we could have the red light on so that all could see the kite]  Tom put on the red light torch, and all sitters began to laugh, as they could now see the frame of the kite on one side of Teresa’s head and the material down the other side of her head.  [It looked something like an old sea Admiral’s pointed hat]

“Right Luke, we need you to apport us £7.50 for a new kite.” said Terry jokingly.  [laughter]  “Or a new kite will do.” said Teresa (also joking).  [more laughter]

“Can we get Tom to film this please, it has to be on film?” asked Kath.  [Teresa wasn’t too keen to be filmed in this state, but Tom put on the digital camcorder and red light torch and began filming]

As Tom filmed Teresa, the table, now with a few hands on it, began to rock back and forth in the red light.  It then began to rock in wide circles, hopping from table leg to table leg as it did so. [the table began to go faster and faster]  “Watch it, it normally takes off (from the floor) when it does this.” said Kath.  [sure enough, a few seconds later, the table levitated up and turned upside-down for all to see in the red light as Tom filmed]

The table then began to fall - “Is the red light too much?” asked Terry.  “Yes.” said Luke.  [Tom then turned off the camera and torch]  “They did well though.” said Kath.  Moments later - “Oh look, it (the table) is lifting now that the torch is off.” said Terry as the table rose upward again.

Within seconds the table was back on the floor, and the balloon was up in the air and being patted and bounced off sitters and the table - we could then see flashes of light from within the balloon.

“Oh my God, look at that, brilliant.” said Emily.  “Fantastic!” said Terry.  [the excitement amongst the sitters rose as the balloon bounced faster with more flashes of light from within]

“Ow!  I’ve got my glasses on.” said Kath as the balloon bounced off her face.  “What do you want them on in the dark for love?” asked Terry jokingly.  “So I can see.!” said Kath.  [laughter]  The excitement eventually died down as the balloon came to a rest over the table.  Just as we thought it was all over - a little hand began to beat on the balloon in a rhythmic fashion - da.da.da.da….da.da.da.da. [this lasted a few seconds and then the balloon was still again]

“The table is the right way up again and back in the middle now.” said Mike as we heard a gentle thud. [all hands were then put back on the table’s edge]  “Can I take the kite from my head now?” asked Teresa.  “No.” said Luke. [laughter]  “Do you wish to say something?” asked Terry.  “Yes.” said Luke.  Luke then spelt the letter ‘B’ on the table.  “Is that ‘B’ for ‘Bye’?” asked Terry,  “Yes.” said Luke.  [we all thanked Luke, said ‘Goodbye’, and then Luke left the table]

“Do we have a new communicator?” asked Terry.  “Yes.” came the reply through the table.  [Terry then did the alphabet and three letters - P.R.E. were spelt out]  “Pretty Lucy?” asked Kath and Terry in unison.  “Yes.” came the reply.  We welcomed Lucy to the table, and when asked if she had anything to say, she started to say “Can…”  Kath, realizing what Lucy was about to ask, said the words for her - “Can you go too?” asked Kath.  “Yes.” said Lucy.  “With Luke (to visit Christine and Emily)?” asked Kath.  “Yes.” said Lucy.  “Because anything they can do, you can do better - that‘s her (Lucy‘s) mantra.” said Kath jokingly.  [laughter]  “You go give them (Christine and Emily) the energy that you give us baby.” said Kath to Lucy.

“Do you wish to say something else Lucy?” asked Terry.  “Yes.” said Lucy.  [Lucy then spelt out the letter ‘R’ on the table]  “Rope (skipping rope)?” asked Terry.  “Yes.” said Lucy.  “Both of them (we have two)?” asked Terry.  “No” said Lucy.  “Ok, just the one.” said Terry.  At this point Teresa said “Someone has just taken the kite off my head.”  [we assumed it was Spirit as no one else owned up to doing it]  Terry then asked Tom for the red light torch so that he could find the skipping rope amongst the toys situated behind him.  [once the rope was put on the table, Lucy asked for the second one]  “She (Lucy) said that she only wanted one (rope).” said Pam.  “She’s a kid (prone to change).” said Kath jokingly.  [laughter]  [both the skipping ropes have the rope wound round the handles - this is at Dick’s request because they prefer to unwind them themselves]  We now have two skipping ropes with luminous tabs on the handles laid on the table-top.  As soon as Terry released them from his grip, Lucy began to unravel the rope from the handles - we could see the handles bouncing on the table as she did this.  “These are wooden handles by the way.” said Mike.  “Yes, keep your heads back folks.” said Terry.

[Kath then went on to explain the need for us all to stay in the same place whilst Lucy was using the ropes. - This is for our own safety - Lucy knows where we are when she begins, but if we move into the path of the handles - ouch!]

Moments later, Lucy began her display with the skipping ropes.  Lucy, like Dick, holds the rope, leaving the handles dangling - she then begins to spin the rope like a lariat from the centre with the handles on the outer edge,  This creates a wheel of light effect from the luminous tabs on the handles.  The rope then spins faster and faster - “Fantastic!” said Emily.  “Incredible!” said Mike.

The spinning wheel of light now lifts high above our heads and moves over behind Christine and Kath to the back wall.  Lucy and the skipping rope are now out of the circle, and we can see the wheel of light get bigger and bigger as Lucy lets more rope out.  “It’s like a Katherine wheel.” says Christine.  “It must be four foot, no five foot (diameter circle) now.” said Terry.  [Lucy continued to let more rope out until we had a near floor to ceiling wheel of light - it was an incredible sight]

“And the table is still moving.” said Mike as the circle table continued to rock whilst Lucy was out of the circle with the skipping ropes.

[Lucy was now hitting the walls on all sides with the spinning rope handles - again we could see this wheel of light behind Kath and Christine.]

“Well done Lucy.” said Terry.  “Fantastic Lucy!” said Mike.  Seconds later, somehow, without hitting any of the sitters, Lucy brought the spinning ropes back into the circle, shrinking the wheel of light to about fifteen inches in diameter and turning from clockwise to anti-clockwise as she did so.  “I trust you.” said Kath as the rope handles spun centimetres from her face.  Christine then began to laugh as Lucy moved the spinning rope handles across to her face area.  “That is so close, brilliant.” said Christine as the handles spun near her face.  [Lucy continued to spin the ropes for a few more seconds and then they slowly came to a standstill over the table-top]

“Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.” said Christine.  “Well done.” said several sitters.

Seconds later - “Did you touch me Teresa?” asked Kath.  “No, my hands are on the table.” said Teresa.   “So are mine.” said Kath.  Emily then said “Oh, someone has just touched me as well, on the table.  Oh, there is a tiny little hand on my hands.”  Christine then said “Oh, I’ve got hands touching me, now they are stroking, going round in circles, now they are going up my arm.”  [lots of laughter from sitters]

“Beautiful.” said Christine.  “Thank you.” said Emily.  “The rope is going up in the air again.” said Terry.  “Is it?” asked Joyan.  (I think it was Joyan’s voice)  “Yes it is.” said Mike.  [the skipping rope took off again, spinning as it rose up above the circle]  “Yee hah!” said several sitters as it spun close to their faces.  “Look at the speed of that!” said Terry as the rope spun faster and faster, creating the wheel of light again.  As the rope came to a standstill again Lucy said “Sorry.”  as the rope handle touched the tip of Pam’s nose.  “Did she (Pam) move love?” asked Kath.  “Yes.” said Lucy.  [laughter]  “She said that you moved Pam.” said Kath. 

“Do you wish to say something?” asked Terry as the table nudged him.  “Yes.” said Lucy.  Lucy then spelt out the letter ‘B’.  “Is that ‘B’ For ‘Bye’?” asked Terry.  “Yes.” said Lucy.  We were all sorry to see her go, but all sitters thanked Lucy and then she left the table.

“Are you Ok Pam?” asked Terry.  “Yes.” said Pam.  “God Bless you Lucy.” said Terry.

Terry then asked “Do we have a new communicator please?”  [the table responded with a ‘yes’ and then proceeded to spell out the letter ‘R’]  “Is this Red Cloud please?” asked Terry.  “Yes.” said Red Cloud.  [this is a bitter sweet time for the circle, because although we are happy for Red Cloud to be back on the table, we also know that he is here to close the circle safely]

“It (time) goes so quickly.” said Terry.  Terry then asked Red Cloud if he had anything to say “Yes, Ladies (Christine and Emily), come again.”  “Yes, thank you, I have had a fantastic night.” said Emily.  “It’s amazing.” said Christine. 

“Do you wish to say anything else Red Cloud?” asked Terry.  “No.” said Red Cloud.  “May we ask questions please?” asked Terry.  [we always ask if we may ask questions, because we are never sure if there is enough energy left for Red Cloud to answer them -  if he says yes, then we know that we have an energy surplus]  “Yes.” said Red Cloud.  When asked in turn, no sitter had a question to ask of Red Cloud, but just thanked him for the wonderful evening that they had had.

“Do you wish us to close now Red Cloud?” asked Terry.  “Yes.” said Red Cloud. 

“God Bless.” said sitters.

The circle was then closed with a Prayer by Tom (our youngest sitter at sixteen years of age)

Sitting duration:  One hour nine minutes.